Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aug 14 show - Tongue in Chic X Levi's Fit Festival

Yoohoo, out there! To those who have been wondering what the whole secretive thing known as the "August 14 show" is, the answer is here.

To the lovely ladies who have kindly volunteered to do the show on that day and been so kind as to head to the Levi's stores to try out the new design and sizes, a big thank you.

To those who couldn't get to a store but kept us updated, we had to do a guesstimate on your size so good luck! Hope the jeans fit.

To those who volunteered but then didn't reply to the follow up e-mail, I'm afraid we had to replace some of you. Silence in this case, isn't golden. Sorry.

So to those who still aren't sure if you're in the show, which you should know by now, here's a list of the 49 girls doing the Levi's show. Ladies, please check your e-mail ASAP for updates and instructions.

  1. Heng Li Yen
  2. Adrienna Mak
  3. Alyna Tiong
  4. Ju Ann Lew
  5. Lailaa
  6. Soh Yong Hui
  7. Lim Cheng Choo
  8. Magdalene Lim
  9. Zaihannah Mohd Idris
  10. Natasha Nadiah Bt . Jamaludin
  11. Farra Maisara Bt Nor Ramdzan
  12. Gwyneth How
  13. Ch’ng Xin
  14. Kong Sue-Lynn
  15. Ivy Foo JiaQian (VLC)
  16. Esther Erin Wong Yan (VLC)
  17. Siti Farisyah bt Mohammad Rafig (VLC)
  18. Ashley Sern Hui Ann (VLC)
  19. Melissa Cheong Kar Yan (VLC)
  20. Nur Syahira bt Khairuddin (VLC)
  21. Florence Ong Woei Ying (VLC)
  22. Lim Wei Wen (VLC)
  23. Ooi Jia Yann (VLC)
  24. Shalynn Subromaniam (VLC)
  25. Adilah Nabihah Ahmad (VLC)
  26. Sharifah Aleysha (Electric)
  27. Sheryll Siew
  28. Jolene Lee (Electric)
  29. Sharifah Aryana
  30. Gwen Foong
  31. Ooi Ruthlene
  32. Teo Huey Yin (Zodiac)
  33. Chong Ker Xin (Zodiac)
  34. Jesslyn Tan Ying Xin (Hurricanes)
  35. Tham Zhu Zhin (Hurricanes)
  36. Adeline Song (Elite)
  37. Sow Yirui (Elite)
  38. Koh Yi Ying (Elite)
  39. Woan Shing (Elite)
  40. Nicole (Elite)
  41. Fiona Looi (Rebels)
  42. Mendy Chan
  43. Michaelle Phoenix
  44. Rachel Thye
  45. Ain Raja Azmi (Clovers)
  46. Aini Raja Azmi (Clovers)
  47. Farina Hazlin (Clovers)
  48. Ng Sue Jen (Rebels)
  49. Eng Wen Li (Dstarz)
I will be coming out of show retirement to prance around this one time so that makes me No. 50.